About this Site

The content described in these pages is intended to educate and introduce people to ideas and realities they may not have otherwise considered. The inspiration for this site came as Linda Sky began to feel more and more helpless at the escalating destructive earth events & human tragedies that seemed to be happening all across the globe, as happens to many people when the veil is lifted and they “wake up.” Linda merged her background in metaphysics with her current interest in the current paradigm shift and began focusing healing intent and affirmations as a way of transcending her own fear.  It is our hope that people remember we are all spirits having a human experience, and to call upon our highest good within to begin and attempt to transform our hearts from a place of fear, panic or sorrow to a place of peace, empowerment and healing. In these changing times it is more important than ever to start living from our hearts.
Peace be with you and all of us. We are One.

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