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I request to be in balance with Spirit.
I wish to be connected to my Heart,
and let every breath I take pass through it
and radiate Universal Love, Joy and Peace.
I know that “All is One” and I live in Harmony and Respect with all life.
I walk my path in confidence, following my Heart’s guidance.
I request to re-connect with the Love and Joy at my Heart’s core
that is the essence of Who I Am.
I Release all fear and all judgment,
I release the hold of the mind and the ego.
I Surrender to the flow of Spirit in my life,
let me feel the Joy and the Love in all that is.
I Know that all else is illusion.


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7 New Planets, Space Weather, Volcano | S0 News Feb.23.2017

100 year Flood in San Jose – 50,000 Evacuations in California Flood

The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp

Buzzsaw with Sean Stone on GAIA

BIG NEWS: Alien Life Right Around The Corner? 2/22/17

Major Space Discovery, TRAPPIST-1 System Has 7 Earth-Sized Exoplanets, 3 In Habitable Zone

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Clif High – Feb 19th 2017

Death & Forgiveness

Ep. 612 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Michael Salla : Exopolitics and Antarctica : LIVE

February 2017 – A Spontaneous ‘Epilogue to’ or ‘Epitaph for’ February 2017 (Carl Boudreau FB Article)


Sun, Earthquakes, Gamma Rays, X-Rays | S0 News Feb.22.2017

Hollywood Icon Robert De Niro Rushes To Trump After CIA Kills Top Autism Expert (article)

Mystery as NASA Calls Press Conference to Announce ‘Major’ Discovery

Moon and Three Planets Grace the Night Sky – Must See Celestial Event

Did A Nuclear Event Just Occur In The Arctic? 2/21/17

California Dreaming: Calls for state secession from USA grows

4-Part Series on Death

Ep. 611 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Melinda Leslie : MILABS : LIVE

Feb 19 2017 Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Q&A with Wolf Spirit Radio

March 2017 – Digging up Timelines  [Carl Boudreau Astrology Article]


15 Minute Super Deep Meditation Music: Relax Mind Body, Inner Peace, Relaxing Music, ☯2800B

Published on Jun 14, 2016

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7 New Planets, Space Weather, Volcano | S0 News Feb.23.2017

Published on Feb 23, 2017

100 year Flood in San Jose – 50,000 Evacuations in California Flood

Published on Feb 22, 2017

We’ve got major flooding in San Jose California as 14,000 mandatory evacuations have been ordered. Parts of Highway 101 have been shut down. The good news is California shouldn’t see more rain until this Sunday. Then it starts all over again.
God bless everyone,
@newTHOR on twitter
la times article on flood…
Worst flooding in 100 years hits San Jose, forcing 14,000 to evacuate
mandatory evacuations continued for a second day, San Jose officials said Wednesday they still could not provide a timetable for when thousands of residents would be allowed to return after the city was hit by what officials described as the worst flooding in 100 years.

By Wednesday morning, city officials said the creek was stable and no longer rising. But the city still faced heavy flooding and “was far from out of the woods,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said at a news conference.

“We’re urging people not to return to their homes in those mandatory evacuation areas,” he told reporters. “The water is not safe. … It is not safe for people to go into the water to go back into their homes.”

At the same time, he vowed a full investigation into why there was not more warning before the floodwaters hit the center of the city, saying many residents were caught off guard.

“If the first time a resident is aware that they need to get out of a home is when they see a firefighter in a boat, then clearly there has been a failure,” he said.

Highly contaminated floodwaters continued to pose a potential health risk to about 14,000 residents forced to flee their homes as the Coyote Creek, which runs through the heart of the city, overflowed and inundated neighborhoods.

Floodwater likely contained fuel, oil and possible sewage, Liccardo said.
Officials are sending teams to determine when residents can return but said in an alert that “flood water and homes, cars, and belongings that have been flooded should be treated as contaminated.”

Authorities plan to visit the flooded neighborhoods, where at least 40 homes were damaged, according to city spokesman David Vossbrink.

Vossbrink said city officials had been working on evacuation plans before the creek spilled over and flooded neighborhoods.

“The water was much higher than anybody expected,” Vossbrink said. “The creek spilled over the banks faster and higher than anybody expected.”

The creek crested to a height of 13.6 feet at a river gauge point on Tuesday evening in South San Jose — nearly four feet above flood stage. The previous record was set in 1922, when the creek crested at 12.8 feet, and before that, in 1917, when the creek reached 12.2 feet.

“This is a once-in-a-100-year flood event,” National Weather Service meteorologist Roger Gass said, referring to Coyote Creek’s surging height in South San Jose. “This is a record level.”

The mandatory evacuation zone largely encompasses a big swath of central San Jose, extending just east of San Jose State University and two miles east of Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, Vossbrink said. At its widest point, the mandatory evacuation area covers a zone roughly two miles long and one mile wide.

Evacuation advisories also were issued to 36,000 residents. The larger voluntary evacuation advisory zone covered a business and industrial area, a roughly seven-mile stretch of Coyote Creek. The zone went from Interstate 280 northward, beyond U.S. 101, Interstate 880 and all the way to Highway 237 near San Francisco Bay.

In addressing concerns about why evacuation orders weren’t issued before the flooding, Liccardo said city officials are assessing “what … happened that led up to that failure.” But first, he said, officials are focused on helping residents return safely to their homes.

“There is no question that we’ll need to do things differently next time, but assessing what those things is going to require us to understand better what happened that led to this,” Liccardo said.

Officials said they were looking at whether the flows at the creek were greater than expected or whether blockages might have contributed to the flooding.

The culprit was another round of heavy rain in recent days that finally tipped Santa Clara County’s largest reservoir to overflow, the first time it had done so since 2006. Anderson Reservoir, which is constrained by the 67-year-old Anderson Dam, is about 15 miles southeast of the first San Jose neighborhood that saw widespread flooding Tuesday.

The reservoir became full Saturday morning, and it wasn’t until a downpour Sunday night and Monday morning that water began flowing over its wall and into Coyote Creek.

The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp

Published on Feb 12, 2017


While people on both sides of the phoney left/right divide squabble over terrorist boogeymen and Trump’s CIA chief gives Saudi Arabia an award for “counter”terrorism, everyone has lost sight of the bigger picture: The blithering morons who are the face of international terror are aided, funded, controlled and handled by the intelligence agencies. It is all part of the con to get you scared of your own shadow so the terror-industrial complex can laugh all the way to the bank. Today James breaks down the latest chapter in this never-ending psy-op saga.

Google Blacklists Natural News!

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Borrowing a page from the book burning of Nazi fascists, Google has removed the ENTIRE website from its index, “memory holing” 140,000+ pages that helped people prevent disease, improve their health and avoid toxic chemicals.
Read the website now deemed too “dangerous” for you to see:

Buzzsaw with Sean Stone on GAIA

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Buzzsaw with Sean Stone has returned to the Gaia network.
Watch for the latest in Aliens, Conspiracy, and Illuminated Truth on Gaia.


BIG NEWS: Alien Life Right Around The Corner? 2/22/17

Published on Feb 22, 2017…
Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for disclosure!

Major Space Discovery, TRAPPIST-1 System Has 7 Earth-Sized Exoplanets, 3 In Habitable Zone

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Astronomers have never seen anything like this before: Seven Earth-size alien worlds orbit the same tiny, dim star, and all of them may be capable of supporting life as we know it, a new study reports.

TRAPPIST-1 System Has 7 Earth-Sized Exoplanets, 3 In Habitable Zone.

The exoplanets circle the star TRAPPIST-1, which lies just 39 light-years from Earth — a mere stone’s throw in the cosmic scheme of things. So speculation about the alien worlds’ life-hosting potential should soon be informed by hard data, study team members said.

A bizarre alien system

TRAPPIST-1 is an ultracool dwarf star that’s only slightly larger than the planet Jupiter and about 2,000 times dimmer than the sun.

The research team, led by Michaël Gillon of the University of Liège in Belgium, originally studied the star using the TRAnsiting Planets and PlanetesImals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST), an instrument at the La Silla Observatory in Chile. (This explains the star’s common name; the object is also known as 2MASS J23062928-0502285.)

This is the first time that so many planets of this kind are found around the same star. All seven alien worlds occupy tight orbits, lying closer to TRAPPIST-1 than Mercury does to the sun. The orbital periods of the innermost six worlds range from 1.5 days to 12.4 days; the outermost planet, known as TRAPPIST-1h, is thought to complete one lap in about 20 days.

Data gathered by the various telescopes suggest that all six inner planets are rocky, like the Earth; not enough is known about planet h to determine its composition.

Because the seven alien worlds orbit so tightly, they’re probably all tidally locked. That is, they likely always show the same face to their host star, just as Earth’s moon only shows the “near side” to us.

TRAPPIST-1 is so dim and cool that its “habitable zone” — that just-right range of distances where liquid water could exist — is quite close to the star. And even tidally locked planets are thought to be potentially habitable, as long as they have atmospheres that can transport heat from the day side to the night side.…

Seven temperate terrestrial planets around the nearby ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1…



Clips, images credit: ESO, NASA & ESA/HUBBLE
Music credit: YouTube Audio Library
1) Faceoff by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)
2) Cry – Vibe Tracks

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Clif High – Feb 19th 2017

Published on Feb 20, 2017

(Starts at 16:00)
Clif High – Well Known For His Web Bot Program Which He Claims Is Able To Predict Future Events By Tracking Keywords Entered On The Internet, Developed in 1997, Originally To Predict Stock Market Trends. The Technology And Algorithms Are Largely Secret And People Can Subscribe To His Website To Find Out About Predictions His Web Bot Program Has Uncovered, Antarctica, Faction A and B, A Language Found Through The Web Bot Program, Populism, Weather, Future, Space Aliens, Economy, Energies Affecting The Planet, Deep State.

Death & Forgiveness

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

Morning Conversations:

Mastering Alchemy Student Spotlight:

The greatest compliment you can give us is to share this video with your friends who would enjoy listening to it.

Ep. 612 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Michael Salla : Exopolitics and Antarctica : LIVE

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Dr. Michael E. Salla, is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. His interest in exopolitics evolved out of his investigation of the sources of international conflict and its relationship to an extraterrestrial presence that is not acknowledged to the general public, elected officials or even senior military officials.

Dr Salla’s groundbreaking Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence was the first published book on exopolitics and explained the political implications of extraterrestrial life.

His other works include: In Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life, Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET, Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination and Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances…

Dr Salla’s forthcoming book is the US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance, due out in 2017.

Air date: February 21, 2017

February 2017 – A Spontaneous ‘Epilogue to’ or ‘Epitaph for’ February 2017

A note to my readers: So what you are seeing here are my hastily assembled thoughts about this weekend, the last weekend of February 2017, and the weeks following. I have put them in as coherent a form as I could with the time and energy available. This is as coherent as I can make it without completely and utterly abandoning astrology for a purely intuitive rant. It’s a cross between a purely intuitive rant and an astrology post. There was no help for it.

I might not be as response to comments as I have been in the past. But I do pay attention to them. My apologies in advance for typos. I dislike typos, but in matters of this kind, they are a fact of life.

Surely you can find a sentence and/or a paragraph below that clearly conveys my meaning to you.

I have purposely interspersed paragraphs heavily laden with astrological technical jargon with paragraphs that are mostly just plain English. Don’t give up. You’ll find something comprehensible.

I am posting this on a kind of last minute, seat of the pants basis. It’s definitely a ‘What you see is what you get’ kind of thing. But I also felt that the time is such that I had to put something out. In a real sense, I am posting this on an urgent emergency basis to maybe help people calm their nerves. Please forgive any incoherence and the reckless structure of hastily constructed sentences. The good news is at the bottom.

Right now, I cannot provide much more clarification than I provide in this post. You’ll just have to think of it as one of those ‘crazy, take it or leave it’ posts that you occasionally find on the internet. It completely takes leave of the astrological textbooks at various points in the discussion. Just another big sloppy data point. Please utilize Google and your own intuitive powers to fill in any blanks, logical leaps and to work through any seeming illogicality.

I knew February was going to be rough, but now, in retrospect, with much of February behind us, I can say that February 2017 is probably by far the worst month I’ve seen since I started posting astrology stuff. Roughly twenty years for those keeping track. And it will soon be over.

As spring 2017 approaches, we are moving out of a time of deep and powerful karmic unfoldment. In my view, based on my personal understanding of astrology, it would be hard to imagine a more karmically intense month than February 2017. We are all just now, than, getting over a huge karmic hump. And it feels like it.

From a historical perspective, history looks to be making a hairpin turn, with all the speed, chaos and apprehensiveness that that brings with it. This is just a very sharp historical turn, but it is a turn. Please do what you can to alleviate the suffering of those who have a less secure seat during this ride than you do.

This post centers around the placement of Moon’s North and South Nodes. In fact it is about the end of their transit of the Virgo/Pisces axis. The Moon’s Nodes are deeply involved in the formation and unfoldment of karma. And the Virgo/Pisces axis is a very karmic axis, especially now.

A technical note: The Moon’s Nodes move backward around the Zodiac in tandem. That is, they move simultaneously in signs that are 180º apart. Saying the North Node entered Virgo is the same as saying that the South Node entered Pisces, and vice versa. One thing will never happen without the other.

In November 12, 2015, the North Node entered Virgo. At the same time, the South Node entered Pisces. In other words, for roughly the last year and a half the Moon’s Nodes have been transiting the so-called Virgo/Pisces axis.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is heavily karmic by nature. It include Pisces, the Zodiacal sign that governs the release of Karma. Anything involving Pisces is heavily karmic.

Pisces and Neptune are naturally associated with the 12th house and its home sign, Pisces. The 12th house and Pisces, are both deeply associated with karma. Because it includes the 12th house and its home sign of Pisces, the Virgo/Pisces axis would also be closely associated with the unfoldment of karma.

So for the last year and a half or so, since the Fall of 2015, the Moon’s Nodes, astrological ‘points’ which are deeply involved with karma, have been heavily affecting the part of the Zodiac most closely and deeply associated with karma. Taken by themselves, these astrological facts would justify the claim that the last year and a half, give or take, have totally been about karma. What it all adds up to is that we are living through some very, very karmic times.

But there’s more.

Of the Moon’s two Nodes, the South Node is most closely associated with karma. When the North Node entered Virgo, the South Node, was directly across the Zodiac in Pisces.

This placement of the South Node doubled down on a grouping of already heavily karmic influences. The South Node joined Nessus, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. A cluster of influences heavily associated with karma in a part of the Zodiac that is by nature very heavily associated with karma.

This combination of very heavily karmic placements, which took shape back in the fall of 2015, was a setup for a lengthy and intensive period of karmic releases and, by the way, spiritual growth. More easily appreciated in retrospect, I fear.

Chiron governs karma whose release helps the expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth. Nessus governs karma caused by a failure to follow our conscience in social situations. Neptune and its home Sign of Pisces, for their part, govern the untraceable infinity of causal connections that set up the time and place of karmic releases.

The Moon’s Nodes govern the place and time of eclipses, which, in turn, set the place and time of karmic releases. February’s two eclipses were the final set of eclipses for the North Node’s transit of the Virgo/Pisces axis. As the final eclipses in the series of eclipses that took place while the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis, they would mark the peak, or culmination, of karmic releases in a time frame fraught with karmic releases.

It would be difficult to imagine a combination of influences more likely to bring significant karmic releases than the combination of influences that were at work during the North Node’s transit of the Virgo/Pisces axis.

The final two eclipses in the series of eclipses along the Virgo/Pisces axis would take place in February. Hence, it would be hard to imagine a more karmically intense month than February 2017.

To sum it up, an awful lot of karmic stuff was going on the last year and a half and this February marked the peak of it.


There’s an additional important perspective to consider here: the larger historical perspective, and here is where I really get reckless in my reasoning.

Historically, in terms of longer, larger astrological cycles, the vast majority of our individual and collective Karma was laid down during the last two thousand+ years, i.e., during the Piscean Age. Pisces is the great reservoir of global Karma.

In other words, a huge portion of the world’s individual and collective karma was laid down in Pisces, during the Piscean Age, which is when most of the world’s current political, economic and religious thinking took shape. The stuff crumbling around us in this moment was all built during the Piscean Age.

And a great deal of that rich deposit of karma was stirred up while the Moon’s Nodes were transiting the Virgo/Pisces axis. This process peaked in February with the two final eclipses associated with that transit.

And February 2017 was also the month in which a nearly two year cycle of intensive karmic release, powered by the Moon’s Nodes, was peaking.

So we are talking about the astrological equivalent of the detonation of a karmic nuclear device in February.

Worse, we are talking about the astrological equivalent of a nuclear device detonating in what amounts to the primary storage site of the world’s individual and collective karma.

All of these astrological/karmic mile markers were reached while the Sun was in Pisces – which, as I have tried to point out, is a very karmic sign, currently affected by numerous heavily karmic influences.

The above I think gives us a reliable sense of just how great were the karmic impacts of February’s astrological events. In my intuitively based opinion, February 2017 marked a collective and individual turning point on a scale that is rare in history.

The bad news is above. What follows is intended as good news. To me it brings hope.

February’s two eclipses are the last two in a series of karmically powerful eclipses that occurred while the Moon’s Nodes were transiting the Pisces/Virgo axis. From the moment of this eclipse on Sunday the 26th, UT, we will begin moving beyond the worst of it – the improvement will be very gradual and very incremental, but it will be increasingly noticeable.

In May, the Moon’s Nodes will leave the Virgo/Pisces axis to occupy the Leo/Aquarius axis. I think it is clear then that the shift of the Moon’s Nodes to the Leo/Aquarius axis represents a historical turning point in all our lives, individual and collective.

I don’t think the coming months will satisfy the protesters and reformers – not by a very long shot. And there will be some dark astrology aspects ahead. And it could take the rest of us quite a while to calm down. However, in my opinion, the reality of the near and immediate future will be nothing like what we have been dealing with while the Node were on the Virgo/Pisces axis.

The worst will be over. The world will be ready for the changes that will become possible with the Node on the Leo/Aquarius axis.

Consider that most of the patterns that govern our lives on a local, regional, national and international basis are rooted in all that karmic murk in Pisces. The current world set up is all very heavily Piscean. It would all be dramatically affected by recent, Pisces-centric karmic releases. It will be much more mildly affected by a primarily and heavily Leo/Aquarius influence.

Don’t read too much into my thermonuclear metaphor, it is just a metaphor and is not in the least intended to relate to actual world events. No panicky questions or comments, please. If one is looking for some reason to be fearful, my use of that metaphor would not be a good reason.

The Moon’s Nodes change signs in mid-May. The Moon’s Nodes will actually finally move onto the Leo/Aquarius axis in Mid-May. When the Moon’s Nodes do finally move onto the Leo/Aquarius axis their energy will hit the reservoir of world karma in Pisces at a far more gentle angle.

The pressure, the karmic disruptions, will grow gradually and incrementally milder as the Moon’s Nodes move more deeply into the space of the Leo/Aquarius axis. We should pick that up at some level. For those with eyes to see it should be apparent soon. I know, though, that some will not see any sign of it for a bit longer. The news, good or bad, always seems to come to some people later than others – or earlier than others, depending on factors in various charts, their own and those of the regions in which they live.

The Moon’s Node’s transit of the Leo/ Aquarius axis will bring a measurably gentler and more playful energy. We will no longer be slogging through the karmic murk of Pisces.

The dynamic of the Leo/Aquarius axis is much more playful, experimental and exploratory. It will bring a dramatic easing of karmic pressures and will bring a more inventive, innovative public dialogue. The really scary stuff will ease up.

During this cycle it has seemed that our interactions became increasingly strident and acute. Unthinkable consequences seemed to loom at every turn. I believe that will begin to end after Sunday’s eclipse. But I think the pressure might very well continue at present levels until Sunday.

The more intuitive among us will doubtless be the first to feel the relief. And many will not sense the relief until later.

Those folks are my thoughts on the present astrological situation. Perhaps with more hours of work, I could have made this post more coherent and easier to understand, but I do not have the time. I am posting this with all its imperfections in response to what I feel is a widely felt need for some source of hope, some sign, however, vague, that relief is on the way.

I don’t want to leave people thinking what we are now experiencing will go on indefinitely, not when I have a much reason as I do to think things will ease up in the not too distant future.

I must simply stop writing now and put this up on FB.

Sun, Earthquakes, Gamma Rays, X-Rays | S0 News Feb.22.2017

Published on Feb 22, 2017

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Hollywood Icon Robert De Niro Rushes To Trump After CIA Kills Top Autism Expert

Robert De Niro, became so “enraged/inflamed” after the 23 January suspected Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) murder of top autism journalist and researcher Dan Olmsted, this Hollywood icon quickly rushed to President Donald Trump’s side—and then, yesterday, joined with Trump’s pick to head his new “vaccine safety” commission, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to stunningly offer $100,000 to anyone who could prove vaccines were safe.

from whatdoesitmean


Gregg Braden reveals how to explore and discover the miracles of the Quantum world.

It is in this place of pure energy — a “Quantum field” — where everything
begins, from the birth of stars and the DNA of life, to our deepest relationships
and healing. Recent discoveries show dramatic evidence that The Divine
Matrix is the missing link in our understanding. In order to tap from the force
of this matrix,we must first understand how it works and speak the language
that it recognizes.

To watch part 2, please link ;

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” />According to this report (and as we previously reported on), barely a fortnight prior to his taking the oath of office, then President-elect Trump shocked the entire US mainstream media with a direct assault on the vaccine-autism link conspiracy by his appointment of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [the son and nephew of the slain American leaders Senator Robert F. Kennedy Sr. and President John F. Kennedy] to become his Chairman of the Golden Vaccine Safety Task Force—and who (Kennedy) was already reviled by these elite propagandists after his publishing a manifesto titled MERCURY & VACCINES linking childhood vaccines with autism.

After being sworn into office, this report continues, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had scheduled a 24 January meeting at the White House where he intended to introduce President Trump to Dan Olmsted—who as a United Press International (UPI) investigative reporter exposed a massive cover-up of the US Army invented malaria drug Lariam that, literally, made its users “lose their minds” and turn them into murder lust killers.

Following Dan Olmsted’s exposing the massive US Army cover-up of their “murderous” malaria drug Lariam, this report details, this UPI investigative reporter then turned his skills towards the mysterious rise of a new 20th Century childhood disease called autism—and that in his first article about he wrote:

Where are the autistic Amish? Here in Lancaster County, heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, there should be well over 100 with some form of the disorder.

I have come here to find them, but so far my mission has failed, and the very few I have identified raise some very interesting questions about some widely held views on autism.

The mainstream scientific consensus says autism is a complex genetic disorder, one that has been around for millennia at roughly the same prevalence. That prevalence is now considered to be 1 in every 166 children born in the United States.

Applying that model to Lancaster County, there ought to be 130 Amish men, women and children here with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Well over 100, in rough terms.

Typically, half would harbor milder variants such as Asperger’s Disorder or the catch-all Pervasive Development Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified — PDD-NOS for short.

So let’s drop those from our calculation, even though “mild” is a relative term when it comes to autism.

That means upwards of 50 Amish people of all ages should be living in Lancaster County with full-syndrome autism, the “classic autism” first described in 1943 by child psychiatrist Leo Kanner at Johns Hopkins University.

The full-syndrome disorder is hard to miss, characterized by “markedly abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a markedly restricted repertoire of activities and interests,” according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Why bother looking for them among the Amish? Because they could hold clues to the cause of autism.”

Important to note about Dan Olmsted’s UPI research articles on autism, this report explains, is that they are some of the most feared in the United States—so much so that the former Emmy award winning CBS News journalist-producer, Sharyl Attkisson, whom Olmsted had worked with on a television programme about the US Army’s Lariam cover-up, has personally archived them—and when Attkisson herself asked officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about the lack of autism in the unvaccinated Amish, they outrageously told her it was because these primitive religious farmers didn’t use electricity.

And so feared, in fact, are Dan Olmsted’s UPI research articles on autism, this report notes, Sharyl Attkisson had to archive them on a server the island kingdom of Tonga having them archived under the top-level country domain code of .to as all US search engines are programmed to delete them if found on .com or .org websites.

Not just were Dan Olmsted’s articles about autism feared either, this report continues, but, also, his very person—and as evidenced by just weeks prior to his own death, he began receiving anonymous warnings threatening his life if he dared to meet with President Trump—soon after followed by the mysterious death of his sister’s ex-husband—and that on the day prior to meeting Trump (as if he knew what was going to happen) he cryptically wrote his own death message ending it with these words:

“A P.S. for 2017: If you say what you think and stick to your guns and you are right, like my pediatrician and many of you who read AOA every week, sometimes even the president of the United States will come around to agreeing with you.”

Unfortunately, however, this report grimly records, the day prior to Dan Olmsted meeting with President Trump and being able to present his vaccine-autism link evidence, he was discovered dead in his Falls Church, Virginia, home—with officials declaring his death to be of “natural causes” without an autopsy, and then cremating his body within 7 hours—and not one single American mainstream media news organization bothering to even write about his remarkable career in the service of mankind and the thousands of lives he saved.

This report concludes with a Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) addendum “suggesting/alluding” that Dan Olmstead’s death is directly linked to the CIA due to this spy agencies links to giant pharmaceutical companies that he was investigating prior to his death in order to prove that autism was just the “tip of the iceberg” of a mass conspiracy to control peoples minds, and bodies, with drugs in order to keep them docile, or like the Lariam drug did, make them murderous.


Mystery as NASA Calls Press Conference to Announce ‘Major’ Discovery

Published on Feb 21, 2017

Nasa is to host a major press conference on Wednesday to reveal a ‘discovery beyond our solar system’.
The space agency says the secretive event, will ‘present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets’.

The event will take place on 22 February at 1pm New York time, and will be streamed live on NASA’S television station and on its website.
Although NASA has given no clue of the announcement, it has confirmed scientists from the Spitzer telescope will be present.

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope observes transiting exoplanets in infrared wavelengths, and has helped to chart and characterize many, including puzzling out details of planetary atmospheres.

Clips, images credit: ESO, ESA/HUBBLE & NASA

Music credit: Down The Way by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)

Moon and Three Planets Grace the Night Sky – Must See Celestial Event

Published on Feb 22, 2017

On February 26th look in your western sky for the dazzling planet Venus. Just above Venus is Mars, posing with Uranus.
Mars appears significantly brighter than Uranus, but you should still be able to see both in binoculars, though a telescope will reveal more detail.
Moon and three planet out at nightfall
On Feb. 28th catch the moon and the dazzling planet Venus in the western sky just after sunset. After nightfall, try spotting the planets Mars and Uranus in a single binocular field of view.
You need binoculars or a small telescope to see the planet Uranus.
Enjoy the beautiful celestial show!
Clips, images credit: NASA/JPL
Music credit: YouTube Audio Library
Turn On – RW Smith

Did A Nuclear Event Just Occur In The Arctic? 2/21/17

Published on Feb 21, 2017…
Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for disclosure!

California Dreaming: Calls for state secession from USA grows

Published on Feb 22, 2017

furious opposition to President Donald Trump’s leadership and policies is continuing to grow across the U.S. And in the state of California, one in three now think secession may be the only solution.
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4-Part Series on Death

Published on Feb 21, 2017

A Special Morning Conversations 4-part series on Death begins next week. In this video, Roxane and Jim introduce the series.

Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

Morning Conversations:

Mastering Alchemy Student Spotlight:

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Ep. 611 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Melinda Leslie : MILABS : LIVE

Published on Feb 21, 2017

Melinda Leslie is a researcher and investigator in the field of Ufology with over 27 years of experience. For five years she has been the Owner of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, where she has conducted nearly 600 tours with the use of military Night Vision Goggles.

Melinda is a UFO abductee and has been public with her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human abduction experiences for 26 years and has researched a military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abduction cases for 25 years. Both her research and personal experiences have been featured in 19 books by prominent authors in ufology.

Melinda has lectured for numerous organizations including MUFON and the International UFO Congress and is a frequent guest on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast AM.

Tonight, Melinda will update us on her latest research on how covert
human agency programs are reverse engineering extraterrestrial
abductees for information to be used in both extraterrestrial (ET) technology and covert-ops personnel development programs and tell us about her night-vision events at this year’s Contact in the Desert.

Air date: February 20, 2017

Feb 19 2017 Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Q&A with Wolf Spirit Radio

Published on Feb 19, 2017

March 2017 – Digging up Timelines  [Carl Boudreau Astrology Article]

Carl Boudreau FEBRUARY 8, 2017

Recently, I’ve spent a great deal of time writing about Neptune. Neptune governs the content of the mass mind. That is Neptune governs the growth and maintenance of our worldviews.

We are dealing here with a lot of things it is difficult to neatly define. But I’ll give it a try.

As is so often the case, we can understand this aspect of Neptune’s function with reference to very basic house and sign relationships. The ninth house represents our highest ideals. It has an innate relationship with Sagittarius and Jupiter.

The ninth house is intrinsically related to Sagittarius and Jupiter. Of course, each Sign’s ninth house is occupied by a different Sign. For example, the ninth house of Taurus is Capricorn, the ninth house of Gemini is Aquarius, and so on and so forth.

Mass consciousness is governed by the sign of Cancer. Hence, Cancer governs worldviews. Cancer’s ninth house is Pisces. And, finally, Neptune rules Pisces.

Essentially, the ninth house represents those ideals to which we aspire and the principles to the fulfillment of which we are especially devoted. These ideals and principles can be expressed in in philosophical, spiritual and/or religious terms.

The ninth house also governs the intellectual resources and skills by which we define and refine these ideals and principles. It governs reason. Expansive Neptune the fuzziest of fuzzy planets is intrinsically related to fussy, detail-oriented little Mercury.

Mass consciousness, then, is governed by the sign of Cancer. Cancer would, by extension, govern worldviews. Cancer’s ninth house is Pisces. Finally, then, Neptune rules Pisces.

Hence, Pisces and its ruler Neptune govern the ideals that inform and guide mass consciousness and worldviews.

Our worldviews, or belief systems, provide a framework for our lives. They strongly influence individual and collective, political and economic thought and action.

Keeping Our Worldviews Healthy

The close association between Neptune, the health of our worldviews and the health of our societies, renders Neptune an especially important astrological influence. In recent posts, I have discussed things that attest to Neptune’s power in this regard. For example, there are the effects of what I have called the mutable T-Square.

This T-square involves Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. It dramatically increased our sensitivity to untruth and our concern about the negative effects untruth plays in our lives. The mutable T-square gave us an understanding of the destructive role of “fake news” and “alternative facts.”

I also looked at Neptune’s adverse relationship with the North and South Nodes. By augmenting the treacherous appeal of the South Node, and diluting the appeal of the North Node. In this way, Neptune seriously complicated our efforts at every level, in every area, individually and collectively, to align ourselves with world Dharma, i.e., to find a path through life that the Universe would support.

Things to Come

This month, I want to look at the bigger Neptune picture. Specifically, I’d like to discuss some very basic but surprisingly revealing facts about Neptune’s current placement.

Based on the fact that Neptune is at the beginning of a complete cycle of the Zodiac, we can say that we are at a very early point in a grand and turbulent transformative process.

Continue Reading…

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