A New (relatively speaking) Gaia show… “Deep Space”

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deep_space_logo_1I’m posting this because I watched the latest episode of this 9-part (so far) series. I found it very fascinating, and, “Yea, it pulleth me in.” It brings together some of the very well-known figures in the disclosure arena, including that David Wilcock person. Some of you may wish to check it out.

I’ve been fascinated by space exploration since I was in a boy’s body. Rockets and space were my life’s passion all the way through high school. Seeing this show has re-ignited that passion. Along with the various shows about Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia (not just the series), I feel we are all being given the opportunity to expand our understanding about what is, and what has been going on in here (on this planet), and out there (in space), over the past several decades.

Here’s the show link and description.

Deep Space

From the moment the real…

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