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Today’s Breaking News


Saudi Press Says 9/11 Was A US Job – #NewWorldNextWeek

Big freak hybrid frankenstein storm Bonnie? Memorial Day Weekend? Hurricane Season begins early!

$400 MILLION TELESCOPE to be built in CHILE: The ESO plans to build the #EELTDome by 2024

Giant Structures In Amazing 3D View Of Pluto’s “Burney Basin”! 5/26/16

Fort McMurray Cat Survives Raging Wildfire by Hiding in Kitchen Stove

25 May 2016 | NWS: Catastrophic Tornado Damage near Chapman, Kansas #Tornado #Chapman #KSwx

The Earth’s Magnetic Field and the God Frequency/Part 1

The Earth’s Magnetic Field and The God Frequency/Pt. 2

Part 3/What is the Schumann Resonance?


“Extreme” Solar Storms & “Superflares” May Have Helped Life Take Root on Earth


Scientists SHOCKED As Man Remote-Views Alien Bases On Moon! 5/24/16

Best Photos & Video Footage of Planet X – Confirmed 3 Planetary Bodies Visible Around Sun Now

BREAKING: Robots To Take Over Federal Reserve

New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA

Unprecedented Man-Made Meteor Shower Might Open the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

At the Shadow Government Headquarters: A Few Notes from the Council on Foreign Relations

Benjamin Fulford: May 23, 2016 The Head Of The Khazarian…

Exposing the Dirty War on Syria

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