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Today’s Breaking News

Happy Mother’s Day!


Dramatic 4,800-year-old fossil of mother cradling a baby discovered in Taiwan

Strong G3 & G2 Geomagnetic Storms Levels in Progress, Extreme Conditions Possible

Watch: Fort McMurray Fire in Alberta | Most Devastating Wildfire in Canadian History #FortMcMurray

America’s Fukushima: Spikes In Radiation Levels at Hanford Nuclear Site

Mystery DEEPENS Over Massive Object Surrounding Dim Star 5/7/16

Canadian fire update: More than 50,000 tonnes of dead fish: TBW News 1st week of May

Mercury Transits the Sun on May 9th

Canada’s Wildfires & the problem with Modern Capitalism


5/06/2016 — Earthquake Forecast — West Coast under pressure + International Unrest brewing

G1 Geomagnetic Storms Expected to Strike Earth – Return of the Heart-Shaped Sunspot

Fort McMurray pets rescued by ‘rogue’ volunteer rescue team

ALBERTA CANADA FIRE – Thousands Stranded & Evacuated, No Sign of Fires Stopping

Lunch Lady Called the Cops on 8th Grader Who Paid with a $2 Bill


British Fighter Jets Scrambled After UFO Comes Up From Sea 5/6/16

NASA Prepares to Make a Big Announcement / Has Kepler Found a NEW Earth?

Rare transit of Mercury to take place on 9 May 2016

U.S. Economic Recession Has Officially Started

US Government In Conjuction With Corporations Are Creating A Massive Control Grid: Bernie Suarez

THE ROBOT REVOLUTION IS HERE! Unemployment, Socialism, Religion & Sex [TECH WATCH]

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