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Today’s Breaking News


G2 Geomagnetic Storms Observed Early on 02 May 2016 / WATCH: Comet’s Death Dive Into Sun


Plane WARPS Into Black Alien Craft While Couple Watches! 5/1/16

M3.5 earthquake felt across 4 states recorded near La Center, KY

Next News Week In Review 5/01/16

Breaking News: Huge Sun-diving Comet Making a Headlong Plunge in the Solar Corona

Anunnaki History, Alien Gods & Nibiru with Gerald Clark (2/2)

THORnews Fundraiser Apology & T-Shirts Update

Quesions for Jim – Triggering Irrational Behavior

Alien-like sea creature discovered 12,139-feet deep near Mariana Trench

Why Animals Don’t Get Arthritis

Corbett Report: NGOs, the Pentagon, and the Human Rights – Industrial Complex

Corbett Report: Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols Discusses Truth, Music and Art

Understanding Nature at the deepest levels of Perception 2016


New Sun Diving Comet Caught on NASA’s SOHO Cameras

5 Planets In RetroGrade Station* : It’s going to get Weird. – THORnews Update

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