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Today’s Breaking News


Rob Potter interviews Corey Goode (4-7-2016)

New Shocking Evidence: The North Pole is on the Run, Moving toward the UK

Giant spider: Another mysterious geographic feature on Pluto

NASA Telescope Emergency! We’ve got Kepler problems, people.

Gravity MYTH: “Desperate to Save Newton’s Gravity?”

Japan to Replace Credit Cards with Fingerprints, Gigabytes Stored In DNA

Vaxxed: The movie they don’t want you to see -part 1



Planet-Sized Sunspot Turning Towards Earth / Giant Coronal Hole Opens on the Sun

HUGE Cigar UFO Appears Live Over Earth Near Space Station! 4/9/16

CIA Teaming Up with Skincare Line That Collects DNA In Unconventional Way

Friday Evening Yellowstone Volcano Report They Still Not Reporting Earthquakes

ALIEN BASE In NASA Desk Moon Photo Proves COVERUP 4/8/16

DARPA Wants EEG Readers in Every Classroom in America

Is a Killer Planet rapidly heading towards Earth? Asteroids to hit Earth in April?

Ep. 433 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Mike Clelland: Owls, UFOs and Synchronicity LIVE

Another Vaccine Whistleblower Steps Out of the Shadows

7 major quakes and a quake swarm in Arizona: TBW News 1st week of April

The Great Saturn Moon Age Debate!

Massive Sunspot/Cern at 13 TEV

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