LINK to Today’s Breaking News Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Double Comet Approach/5 DAYS FROM DEBRIS FIELD

Ken Rohla Answers Questions on Smart Meters, Fasting, EMF Protection

Israeli Company Hacking iPhone for FBI – #NewWorldNextWeek

Benjamin Fulford March 4th, 2016 World War III update

Ceres may Contains more Freshwater than Earth Itself, Researchers say

CERN WATCH: New Particle Discovery & Astroparticle Accelerator in Antarctica


The moon will undergo a penumbral lunar eclipse Wednesday

Sure, Your Vote Matters… Just Keep Telling Yourself That

The Sun is NOT a Nuclear Furnace (2016)

Ben Fulford 03,22,16: Something happening at Antarctica as negotiations for new financial system

Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China

FAKE! CCTV Footage of Brussels Explosion Is from 2011 Event In Moscow

Billions of Barrels of Oil MISSING! + a Phantom Price SPIKE! The great economic mystery* of 2016.

Ep. 416 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Mark Dice: The Illuminati in Hollywood LIVE

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 19, 2016 ( )


Conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter Twin Comets may Spark Rare Meteor Shower

ITER: The Star Creator – The CERN of Nuclear Fusion

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