Scientists Could Simulate Alien Abductions over 20 Years Ago

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Published on Jan 25, 2016

Here’s what they never told you about alleged alien abduction and UFO encounter experiences – the bizarre and surely unnerving experience can be induced by advanced use of stimulation of the brain and artificially tricking the neurons to fire in specific ways.

It is a little known topic that CIA-affiliated paranormal researchers like Dr. Michael Persinger have proven experimentally. His subjects – including one journalist reporting for the New Scientist back in the early 90s – reported sudden and intense emotions and even feelings of being grabbed, stretched beyond physical limitations and dragged up a wall! They were able to simulate the entire thing in a lab just by using stimulation to screw with the way someone’s neurons fire, giving them the totally “real” feeling, memories and all, of being abducted by “aliens”… in addition to artificially inducing intense emotions like anger and fear.

Does this explain any of the “Truth,” which shows like X-Files claim, is out there? True believers in little green men would do well to consider the advanced science and bizarre research ideas pursued by the secretive arms of governments over the last 60+ years… And mind control skeptics would do well to consider that the unimaginable can become more than convincing to the brain through a little applied technology…

Just a thought.

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