Plasma Eruption, Extra-Galactic Signal | S0 News Dec.3.2015

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.38.12 AM

Ok I just have to acknowledge that yesterday’s posts, most of which I have re-posted today, are very alarming-ist. I was really glad that I had listened to Jim Self’s Dec. Planetary Update, which I feel has helped me stay grounded through the current onslaught of disturbing news and world events. It is our choice as to how we react to all of this, and as a reminder, we do tend to grow through adversity. So remember this, use this information to bring out your inner healer to direct love and healing energy to troubling events and to troubled places, but also to yourself. Which type of news makes you feel the most uneasy? Financial meltdown? World War III? Terrorism? Martial Law chaos? Earth disasters? Take note of which it is, and work on that. Heal yourself of your panic triggers. Prepare in reasonable ways, but most importantly, try to transform the fear. Use affirmations, self-reflection, meditation and prayer; this is the time to engage and use whatever spiritual techniques you have learned or acquired over the years. Good luck and Blessings, Linda Sky

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Other Earth Changes News also included:
• A Record Number of Signs in the Heavens.


• CERN/CRYSTALS/Major Collapse of Earth’s Shields

• World Warning 2/The Coming Chaos/The Collapse

• The Elite are Preparing/World Warning.

• “HEADS UP” Expect a Large Meteorite Fall Sometime Near December 22-29





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