Breaking: Multiple Shooting and Training Exercise in San Bernarardino, California Medical Center

CVPtAKRWUAAVdsBFrom StarShip Earth:
Here we go again. The Illuminati must really want amnesty. This is definitely the way to go about qualifying, isn’t it?

They know they’ve lost the war, they’re never going to surrender and they’re going to take as many of us with them as they can before they are obliterated. 

But it’s just a handful of people, so don’t worry about it. Yah… just another drill. A fake exercize gone live. Same old same old.

Who lives like this? This is insanity. Stop the world and let me off.  ~ BP

Mass Shooting: Multiple shooters kill at least 14 defenseless victims at CA ‘medical center’

Media already saying ‘terror’, multiple shooters reported


Update 8: Multiple reports confirm that the suspects were dressed in military gear and had definitely preplanned the attack. “This looks like a professional murder.” This was clearly not a random shooting especially when you consider the attackers had an escape route.

Update 7: At this point terrorism has absolutely not been ruled out but authorities have not confirmed if they believe this was a terror attack.

Update: 6: An official news conference just confirmed that at least 14 people have been killed with at least another 14 injured.

Update 5: The official update from CNN (so take it with a grain of salt because they are reporting exactly what authorities tell them.)

• “There are multiple casualties and confirmed fatalities,” San Bernardino Police spokeswoman Sgt. Vicki Cervantes told reporters.

• The shootings were in the conference center at the Inland Regional Center, the center’s executive director, Lavinia Johnson, told CNN. She believes the county’s Department of Public Health was having a holiday party there. Johnson said the fire alarm went off in her building, and people began to evacuate but then the order came to stay in place. Later police came and took people out of their offices.

Update 4: A new update from a local Fox affiliate reports that the shooters may have attacked a conference room that was rented by an outside group. This may have been a targeted attack on a specific group that was renting the room.

Update 3: Reports are now coming in that at least 2 suspects in full tactical gear entered the building and started shooting.

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Jon Rappoport’s post is below…

Breaking: mass shooting, San Bernardino, plus “training exercise”

Breaking: mass shooting, San Bernardino, plus “training exercise”

by Jon Rappoport

December 2, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix,click here.)

KTLA reports (“More Than 14 Killed, 14-Plus Wounded After Up to 3 Shooters Open Fire: San Bernardino Police Chief”, Posted 11:19 AM [PST], December 2, 2015, by Tracy Bloom and Melissa Pamer) —here’s a key quote:

“The call first came in at 10:59 a.m. of multiple shots fired from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Richard Lawhead said. The department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, ‘ready to roll’ and responded rapidly, Lawhead said.”

Note: KTLA report updated at 03:29pm [PST], December 2, 2015:

“The call first came in at 10:59 a.m. of multiple shots fired from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave. The Police Department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, ‘ready to roll’ and responded rapidly, Lt. Richard Lawhead said.”

—Yet another mass shooting where, by chance, a training exercise was going on during or prior to the event.

San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles. Reports state several shooters in a cluster of three office buildings that employ 600 people, 20 victims down, and shooters apparently at large.

Here is a recent article I wrote about mass shootings paralleling training exercises:

Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings What are the odds?

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