M7 Earthquake – Predicted, Magnetic Storm | S0 News Nov.19.2015

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.38.12 AM

Hey folks, sorry, the mornings have been hectic lately. Here are the past few days for you. – Linda Sky

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Other Earth Changes News also included:
• Two Impacts Expected Today | S0 News Nov.18.2015

• TRIVIA: Singularity Collision

• Deadly Quake, Impact Watch | S0 News Nov.17.2015

• 11/17/2015 — Earthquake Forecast / Europe hit + Oklahoma MOST ACTIVE PLACE ON EARTH

• Copy of CERN breaking international laws regarding 100 – 1000 TEV RANGE B/S ALERT PART 2

• Yellowstone Supervolcano Report M2.7 Earthquake, Something Smells

• Another Chemical Factory Explosion Hits China





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