U.S. Threatens China, Russia With Nuclear Missiles For Challenging Dollar Supremacy

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Published on Nov 11, 2015

The United States fired off a ballistic missile test, which would have been armed with a nuclear device, off the coast of California to send a message to China, Russia and the American people – despite a great deal of controversy and condemnation when other countries have tested these missiles in the past. Of course, officially, it was all just a regularly scheduled drill.

The real message, between the lines, is stark, however. The United States is indicating that it would sooner go to war with the Far East than suffer the defeat of an intense currency war over the rising yuan.

A few years back, Rand Corporation and Pentagon planners actually debated whether or not to launch WWIII as a solution to the 2008 economic crisis… what must they be thinking now as the U.S. dollar paradigm is quickly falling to pieces and economic destruction looms overhead?

Navy launches second test missile off Southern California coast

As Yuan Rivals Dollar, U.S. Launches Ballistic Missiles Over West Coast: “Lit Up California”

Footage of the missile test

China to Allow Direct Conversion Between Yuan and Swiss Franc

Soros sees risk of another world war: Much depends on the Chinese economy

Rand Corp, Pentagon plan WWIII contingency to “bail out” 2008 economic crisis

Mike Rivero: US Dollar Global Hegemony Under Attack

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