Air Force creates PLASMA STORM over Texas using NEXRAD RADAR

Love this! Thanks Dutchsinse! – Linda Sky
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Published on Oct 3, 2015

Full website post with explanation here:…


Music and other screens added for artistic purposes since very few people (outside of my normal viewers) actually care about these issues.

Getting peoples ATTENTION from all the other distractions is virtually impossible… thus I preemptively inserted my own distractions…. I suppose I’m using ‘reverse reverse logic’… 😀

For a more serious explanation , which takes about 2 hours to full describe in detail , watch this series of videos:…
October 3, 2015

A series of long duration high power microwave pulses were emitted from the Laughlin Air Force Base NEXRAD weather RADAR in Southwest Texas.

The long duration heating caused electron cascade, which in turn produced reflecting ionization in the atmosphere causing an appearance of actual RAIN + HAIL which pulsated along with the high power microwave blasts.

The electrons stripped in the atmosphere are reflective to incoming RADAR, and also produce CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) molecules — precursor to rain formation.

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