SPECIAL REPORT: This Month’s Anxiously Awaiting “Supermoon-Bloodmoon-Full Eclipse” Truly is a ‘Trick-or-Treat’

(Originally posted Sept 19, 2015 EarthChangeMedia)
First the ‘treat’ –
The supermoon eclipse is set to occur on Sept. 27th offering skywatchers in North and South America, western Asia, Europe, Africa and the Eastern Pacific Ocean region with the chances to witness the rare celestial treat.


A supermoon occurs when the moon appears to be abnormally large and bright in the sky, which happens when it reaches its full phase at or near its closest approach to our planet.

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes in the shadow of the Earth, which results in the light from the Sun being blocked by our planet. The last supermoon event occurred in 1982 and for those who would miss the coming celestial show; their next chance would be after almost two decades since the next event will take place in 2033.

Now for the ‘trick’ – I need to be especially cautious in writing this portion. Why? Because there is some very spooky statements running around the internet telling of biblical apocalypse that the Sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of repentance. I really wanted to say this is all hogwash, but I believe the truth might depend on where you live over the next 24 days.

Because of the sensitive nature due to statements of doom running around cyberland, it is best that you take this article as ‘conjecture’, however, I cannot deny my research is based on facts. So somewhere in the world over the next few weeks, it will indeed feel like the end of times. My sincere hope it is one of the world’s most uninhabited islands.
See Article Here: historical eclipse-earthquake-volcano events


What is the causing mechanism between full lunar or full solar eclipse? It is called ‘Fluid Displacement’. This occurs in two ways. Mostly related to full lunar eclipse, it is the gravitational pull which causes tides to rise and fall. It is the pressure of water on tectonic plates which during occasionally higher than normal tides, place additional weight/pressure causing slippage.


This similar scenario can occur when the opposite takes place as tides (fluid) recedes causing unusual or rapid weight displacement which also can cause plates to move. The best and occurring most often example of this process is the act of “fracting”. As it relates to a full solar eclipse, I believe it is the sudden shift in temperatures which can cause a chain event by destabilizing the jet stream and ocean currents.

Sunspots → Solar Flares (charged particles) → Magnetic Field Shift → Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents → Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros 1998).

Update: Chile 8.3 Quake Part of 28 Day Window

Posted on

The Chilean 8.3 magnitude quake – along with seven additional earthquakes measuring 7.0 to 6.2 magnitude – is in fact part of the 28 day window. Note: these were not aftershocks of the same epicenter.

Chile Large Quakes 09-16-2015_m

A quick recap of that article highlights the historical record of significant earth changing events have occurred within 14 days prior to a full lunar or solar eclipse, and/or within 14 days after full  eclipse event. This accounts for a 28-day window brought on by “fluid displacement” or by rapid temperature change.

Fluid Displacement occurs as the result of increased or decreased fluid – which in the case of a full lunar eclipse, it is the result of gravitational pull causing unusual high tides placing additional weight (pressure) on tectonic plates causing slippage.

tidal force energy2

This same measured physics applies when fluid (in this case ocean) begins its ebb or retract causing a rapid decrease in weight (pressure) which can also cause destabilizing of tectonic plates setting the scenario for earthquake and/or volcanic activity.


The recent application of “fracking” is a great example of ‘fluid displacement’ as it applies the same principles. As a result, several states have placed an “all-stop-order” for using this method  to extract oil and natural gas. Why? Because it is causing swarms of earthquakes occurring as a direct result from applying high water pressure to extract oil shale.


As it relates to a full solar eclipse, I believe it is the sudden shift in temperatures which can cause a chain reaction event through sudden and rapid shifts in the jet stream and ocean currents causing destabilizing of set seasonal patterns.

Let me again set a barrier between my research which has established historical causal events by way of celestial effects to Earth – and that of religious connotation telling of the September 27/28 supermoon/bloodmoon eclipse as the sign of the end times. But once again, I cannot deny wherever these significant earth changing events occur – will indeed seem to be the end-of-time.

Earth Changes Media – Mitch Battros


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