Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo

Image of Artifical Black Goo, Part Two, approx 50 min mark

These interviews took place when Harald was flown in last minute to the Bases International Conference, UK, in July 2015, hosted by Miles Johnston. Included topics are scalar energy, the progress of Artificial Intelligence made up of nano particles and black goo, chemtrails and black magic how they work together to take over the human body. These are long interviews but absolutely fascinating. I like the way Harald only backs up what he has reproduced or experimented with in his Lab, it frankly makes his information more believable. If you have the time, I highly recommend watching or listening to these.
More information at the Project Camelot site here. – Linda Sky

Published on Jun 28, 2015

Harald is speaking at the Bases International Conference, see for details, and
There are 2 forms of Black Goo, one made by the earth, and another that was landed here by intention, in a a meteor swarm, 80,000 years ago. Both are sentient and are designed to create life from the materials on the planet. In simple terms, its a “seed” device.
The intelligence that seeded the off world goo, is creating life that is bypassing the natural order, and bringing lifeforms to a higher level of order than they should naturally be. In this case BIG spiders.
In this first of 3 parts, German researcher and discusses smart dust, and the Black Goo. Use of Scalar Physics is discussed, so you will have to pay attention. This is about an extraterrestrial, dimensional Predator species that is silently assimilating humanity, and all life on earth.
These interviews are released for free, as a public service, by the Bases Project. See also Bases 17,18 and 25. the next day Harald presented his findings to the Woodborough Conference, for Bases, see separate upload. He will be present at Bases International Conference and Film Festival, July 31st-Aug 2nd at The Theatre On The Hill, Marlborough, Wilts

Harald is co-author with Cara St Louis of Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation.

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