The Mandela Effect: What in the HELL is a “BerenSTAIN” Bear??

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Published on Sep 15, 2015

Someone asked me how to spell “Berenstein Bears” a few days ago, and my life has not been the same since. Full article up at Truthstream Media:…

This is really interesting, this whole subject reminds me of the TV series “Fringe”.
I don’t usually browse godlikeproductions, but I thought this entry was interesting considering I remember Clif High talking about some kind of timeline shift he noticed, around that same time…  – Linda Sky

“Most people know something about the parallel universes of the Berenstein / Berenstain Bears. If not, you can easily duckduckgo it and find out that there was a server reset around 2011 in which 99.9999999999% of this virtual world was recreated perfectly, but there were a few minor slip-ups … including the Berenstein Bears.
Notice I say a server reset. Well, that’s actually a simplified way of explaining what happened  because in order to render this virtual world you know as Earth in real time there isn’t actually a server as you would know it, it’s a bit more complicated than that, getting everything to inhere and synchronize properly while maintaining the illusion of concepts like free will and a planetary system and a galaxy and a universe and other universes isn’t an easy job, especially since consciousness takes many forms, not just human.
Reason I’m giving out this info now is because I am one of those who for reasons I may be able  to disclose later has been advised that a similar “server reset” has been scheduled soon and I want everyone to keep their eyes peeled for anomalies. It is very important to find more anomalies like the Berenstein Bears for reasons pertaining to consciousness, its nature and survival.
Greetings in the stream

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