Published on Aug 12, 2015

A clip from David’s appearance on Fade to Black.
Former Rosendale resident David Wilcock, who went on to become a NY Times bestselling author, discusses new information revealing a blockade of our solar system by “Blue Avian” space aliens related to Thoth. From May 25th Jimmy Church radio show, full show below.


“According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code.”

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  1. TONY LANE says:

    hello Linda Sky, it has been a long time since making comments, because I got into a wait and see mode, in a time of whistle blowing and revelations of super soldiers it is very hard to decide what I feel most comfortable with so I decided to leave the book open, we first have Randy Cramer and his experiences as a super soldier, in a confrontation with two Draco entities he was very flippant in how it was resolved, then we have mark Richards who gives a statement of his experiences via Kerry Cassidy but there has to be a limit to what he can tell you because he is still in prison, and now you have Corey Goode who has been in the background for a while, and looks very nervous about it, and they all seem to have access to a jump room to mars, what is not clear is that all three of these men are products of child programming by the secret US government, and their statements are not clear and are very vague about what their missions were really about, and regarding the secret Mars Colony, it’s beginning to sound more like a huge Prison planet more so if it has anything to do with the SECRET US GOVERNMENT, and who knows maybe the people or creature’s that are in prison there are a hell of a lot worse off than those in GUANTANAMO BAY, I like David Wilcock but the sphere being alliance and the Blue Avians could be disinformation, because I don’t like the sound that the spheres can stop anything from getting in or out, so where does the ADROMEDAN GALACTIC SPACE COUNCIL OF PLANETS figure in all of this, that if it is truth to tell it is what I feel more comfortable with, and what happened to the blue avians and the sphere being alliance in our ancient Egyptian and Sumerian history. there is a lot of unanswered questions.


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