Disclosure Data from Corey 8-19-15… Facebook Update… “Catching Up, Gonzales in meetings with Ancient Earth Breakaway Groups, and a Large High Energetic Wave” (Holy Crap, another one?)

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sphere_being_alliance_logo_10This appeared today at Corey’s FaceBook page, as well as Corey’s blog.

“The Secret Earth Government Groups are using the infighting between their syndicates and the Earth Alliance (Over the new financial system) as a way to try once again to trigger WWIII… There has been heavy use of the few space based weapons that they have left as well as ground based weapons…

“Gonzales has… been spending… a lot of time with the recent Cabal/Syndicate Defectors who have provided Intelligence… Many of these people fear that the SSP Alliance Council could be infiltrated as it was prior… and locate them and their families… Quite a lot of resources are going into keeping these people and their families safe for a post full disclosure (Data Dump) event…

“We need to all… meditate… on love and peaceful thoughts and energy flowing from us and flowing across the planet. Even…

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