Market Crash In Wave X Where To Put Your $ Money: August 17, 2015, Skyaia #49

Simon also gives his opinion about CERN and the explosion in China. Very interesting viewpoint. –– Linda Sky
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Published on Aug 17, 2015

Stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, pre-packaged investment products, and 401K pension options: these are all ‘the old’, and are going the way of the dinosaurs. Run the other way when TV talking heads tell you to invest in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Market is nothing but a huge Ponzi scheme, an energy death trap and a ‘total loss’ in cards for the average person keeping all their assets in areas that are out of sight, and out of control. Ask yourself, ‘why am I not living for Now, while I have my health?’

This different way to invest your hard-earned money — is by thinking ‘out of the box’; becoming more connected with what is really going on in life; going back to “old-fashioned” principles and values; thinking about your connection to humanity; being in a place when we recognize that clean, fresh water is the most valued commodity on the planet; and, that investing in your kids’ education (or your skill sets) Now in the Present Moment rather than 15 years from now is far more beneficial to your abundance!

There is so much more to explain: kindly listen to the Show to gain a new perspective. WaveX is literally entering Earth as we know it. Things are going to change rapidly now into mid-October, and after the expecting tumultuous ‘spin’ on the Market, there will be many new things thereafter.

I thank you in advance for your comments below. Namaste.

CORRECTION: this IS the Skyaia Show #49 (even though it says incorrectly in the intro that it is #48).

The Skyaia® Show is about the interconnectedness of human be-ings with our planet and the cosmos, our dreams & our plans with present & future risks, and attaining a greater awareness of the world around us. It’s about spiritual evolution, the meaning of our lives, our path ahead, and the risks from planetary threats & economic instabilities to the opportunities from personal growth to increasing abundance.

Dr. Simon Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc is a climate risk economist, a planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor. Simon is also an informant for the People, a spiritual pacifist and modern-day “business-monk”. Call him a ‘compassionate fighter’ for sovereign freedom, with a goal to move the planet forward. He lives many months of the year in Uruguay yet travels constantly around the globe.

The Skyaia® Show is broadcast every Monday at 8 pm Eastern, with your host, Dr. Simon Atkins. Tune-in to The Skyaia® Show to receive clarity, inspiration & knowledge to advance your future! See you soon!

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