Joseph Farrell – NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM Aug. 6, 2015


This is really important and a must listen. There are very dangerous ideas here being put forward with the hopes of getting the general population to ultimately accept these ideas as reasonable or at least become apathetic towards them like they have with everything else (Fluoride in the water, GMOs, etc etc). These ideas MUST be opposed. PLEASE SHARE. – Linda Sky

 Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.59.39 AM

Joseph Farrell discusses the Transhumanist Agenda

Published on Aug 6, 2015

The Nefarium’s Department of Transhumanist Tyranny is now starting to show their hand more actively……[%27Feed%3A+quicksnailsfeed+%28quicksnai­lsfeed%29%27]&utm_medium=[%27feed%27­]&utm_source=[%27feedburner%27]…

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