J.A.D.E. Helm 2: Machines Built to Take Over

Another point of view that has a bit of evidence to support it… somehow I feel like the whole Jade Helm thing is going to end up being a non-event, whether it’s an attempted NWO takeover, a cabal take-down, an AI exercise or put in place for Wave X… we’ll just have to wait and see. Or maybe we will never really know… –Linda Sky

artificial intelligence

From BP:  Thanks, Richard. BTW, all six of your recent blog updates landed in my spam folder.

I think we are finally getting down to the nitty gritty when it comes to understanding what the JH15 plan was all about.

I believe we were right in saying it is a test; an exercise to determine just how effective this Artificial Intelligence (AI) software really is in the field.

I DO still believe that because it became so public and is constantly under the intense scrutiny of the positive military, the Pentagon, veterans, militias, positive Law Enforcement and so many others, that it WILL NOT pose a significant threat.

If we allow our mind to go there, we do ourselves and everyone else a disservice. We need to use our creative powers with POSITIVE INTENTION.

At this late date in the dismantling of the cabal, NO ONE in the Resistance Movement, the White Hats, the Light Forces or the Galactics will allow them to take their exercises any further than the “training” they said they were going to perform.

As Cobra said in his July 13th interview with Rob Potter, if they try anything, they will get a big surprise.

Obviously, if the Star Nations can change the codes on nuclear missiles to prevent them from being deployed, they can easily mess with a computer system. I don’t KNOW what they would do, but we can use our imaginations and know that we are protected.

They have acted as our guardians for a very long time and will not be leaving until Gaia and her people are free.

Of course JH15  has the potential to be bad news for Humanity, and that is why the cabal is for all intents and purposes, toast. We know they have the capability to do far more than they have allowed to come into public awareness but they are basically in a playpen. They can fool around with their toys but they’re not going to be allowed to DO anything.

Let’s just perform our due diligence to understand the situation, the direction the cabal was going in to control the population, and be on our toes.

Several public voices have told us that we must remain calm and not engage soldiers or special forces or allow ourselves to be provoked because what they want is for us to give them a reason to roll out their weapons. There will be no martial law. No doomsday. No armageddon. And it’s not the “end times”. Period.

We must avoid violence, and in September we will see the fruits of our endeavors to shake people into wakefulness. We are nearly at the end of this tiresome journey to remove the controllers on our planet and to shine the Light of Truth throughout Gaia. Freedom beckons.  ~ BP


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