Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Floods—Oh my! [videos]

I do have some non-alignments with BP’s views (flat earth) but I completely agree with BP’s sentiment below regarding what we are currently heading into. I think the only thing that was left out is CERN’s objective to neutralize Wave X and what THAT might do… Here we go, indeed!  – Linda Sky

JULY 20, 2015

And they’re off!  Are you ready for this roller coaster ride?

There’s no map for this one. First it’s hints on CNN of a major earthquake in the San Francisco area, and then it’s earthquakes and tsunamis that will flood low areas in the USA and Canada, AND a tsunami that will completely flood the Pacific Northwest 15 minutes after an earthquake.

And let’s not forget the Yellowstone caldera that’s going to blow, and the asteroid that’s going to hit the Atlantic in September. Oh, scratch that. Cobra said the Galactics have that covered.

And there’s Jade Helm, and killer radiation from the sun, and Nibiru, and vaccines, and nannites and GMOs in our food, fluoride in our water, chemtrails in the sky, HAARP, GWEN towers, implants, cyborgs and robots that will come for us, and rogue elements of various police forces in full combat gear with AK47s and tanks.

If I didn’t know we’re on a positive timeline now and have the ultimate faith that we are cared for and protected, I might be worried. But I’m not.

And besides. If we don’t make it until September when the REAL wave—Wave X comes, then we’ll just leave this old skin suit behind and reincarnate into a higher dimensional suit later and avoid dealing with all the crap going on in the here and now.

The fear mongering out there doesn’t make sense. For instance, we saw a video of two Tulsa cops who confirmed that the Wal-mart there wasn’t having plumbing repairs—it was completely gutted. So they are re-purposing those Wal-Marts for something.

I thought that if the New Madrid Fault were going to go under water then it would make sense to retrofit the Texas and Florida Wal-Marts to handle refugees, but why close the Wal-Marts in Pico Rivera, California and St. Petersburg, Florida for “plumbing issues” if they were going to be submerged?

Come on. Can’t you do better than that?

Thanks to Tatoott1009 for sharing these videos.  ~ BP


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