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8.5 Earthquake Strikes Japan

Streamed live on May 30, 2015 Observing the Frontier Conference:… Discussing Earthquakes with Kongpop:…

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The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Were Alien Hybrids, New Genetic Study Suggests

anh nhung le thi Reply 7:00 AM  A new genetic study suggests a lineage of Egyptian pharaohs were subjected to willful genetic manipulation by a technologically advanced civilization. Some would call this definitive proof that the builders of the pyramids … Continue reading

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…more from Project Camelot… 28 May 2015 12:18 Written by Kerry Cassidy We deal with conspiracies, report on them, document them and analyze them.  But what about when we have one staring us in the face and no one notices? Remember … Continue reading

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I am hoping Kerry will be following up on this list below with sources, links, interviews etc. in addition to the videos she included below. A bit unsettling that her injury seems to be a bit slow in healing. And … Continue reading

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Secret Meeting in London to “End Cash”

thanks RedIceRadio 2015-05-28 0:49   By Paul Joseph Watson | Central banks aim to institute “governmental approval” for all purchases and sales Economist Martin Armstrong claims there is a “secret meeting to end cash” set to take place in … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford 5-26-15… “The battle for the planet earth continues with regime changes, nuclear threats, imminent financial collapse etc.”

“…it is understandable that many people cannot help but wonder if we will ever see any real change. The fact is though, that we are going through a slow motion but tectonic shift in how this planet is run. Watching … Continue reading

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David Wilcock 5-25-15 on FADE to BLACK Radio… MP3s

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