Michael Salla, PhD, ExoNews.org 3-27-15… “Whistleblower reveals multiple secret space programs concerned about new alien visitors” [namely, GoodETxSG]

Another good overview article, (some of this is a repeat of yesterdays post)… –Linda Sky

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exonews_image_re_GoodETxSGThis is a “review” of sorts, and kind of an evaluation, of GoodETxSG and the data he’s been releasing, by Michael Salla, PhD (who happens to live here on the Big Island). I’ve met Michael many times and respect and appreciate his input on various things ET, UFO, disclosure, etc., etc. I found this to be a very helpful “all the information about GoodETxSG and his data in one place” kind of article,

Here’s a couple highlights about what he’s “get” regarding GoodETxSG.

“Using the online pseudonym GoodETxSG, the whistleblower (who announced yesterday that his first name is Corey and that he will soon end his anonymity) has described in interviews and posts on two major online forums his former covert background with a number of secret space programs run by various military, corporate and earlier human civilizations.

“A significant point concerning security in GoodETxSG’s postings is that concerning…

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