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Michael Salla, PhD, 3-27-15… “Whistleblower reveals multiple secret space programs concerned about new alien visitors” [namely, GoodETxSG]

Another good overview article, (some of this is a repeat of yesterdays post)… –Linda Sky

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Whistleblower Reveals Multiple Secret Space Programs Concerned About New Alien Visitors

This is a good overview with links by BP about this GoodETxSG person. Maybe worth following, escpecially since David Wilcok and Bill Ryan have both seemingly vetted this guy. Let’s hope it’s not just a distraction… – Linda Sky Well, … Continue reading

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Cool or Creepy? These Biohackers Created Eyedrops For Night Vision

Presented to you by the continuing transhumanist agenda… –Linda Sky by Jamie Campbell It might sound like something straight out of Q’s laboratory or the latest Marvel film but a group of scientists in California have successfully created eye drops … Continue reading

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 5/6… “The ‘PLAN'”

An Update from GoodETxSG…

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Whirled Peas and Realizing Reality

I would have to add that I personally believe that the main reason people shun the truth is fear. Other reasons may include ego and pride, but I think un-acknowledged fear reigns as the most common reason. I think is an act … Continue reading

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Alien Presence on the Internet

From the Project Camelot Blog: by Richard Alan Miller, c2003 About ten years ago (1993), Time Magazine interviewed ten major computer experts about the direction and goals that industry was moving. One thing stood out above all other visions and … Continue reading

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In5D Alternative News for March 27, 2015

I have read some of these news items and as usual some of them I have passed by as hype or “fluff” as I would call them; alternative news candy. Use your own discretion. However that said, I am truly … Continue reading

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 4/6… “This is not a Trap”

There has been a new flow of disclosure from someone who calls himself GoodETxSG. I am under the impression K is getting this information from postings in the Project Avalon forum, which is run by Bill Ryan, formerly Kerry Cassidy … Continue reading

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Ben Fulford: Was World War Three Called-Off? & other updates

For those following Ben Fulford; personally I’m waiting for David Wilcock to weigh in. – Linda Sky MORE Published on Mar 22, 2015 Has World War 3 Been Called Off? (with Benjamin Fulford) HOUR 1: Benjamin Fulford discusses the … Continue reading

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Nassim Haramein: Sacred Geometry And Unified Fields (Full Version)

Love this very enthusiastic seminar by Nassim. More than a year old, but he explains his basic theory about quantum physics and it’s relationship to consciousness. Highly recommend, especially for anyone wanting a good overview. –Linda Sky Published on Jan … Continue reading

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