The “North Korea Sony False Flag Exposed”… 21st Century Wire 12-27-14… “‘The Interview’ Flops, FBI ‘North Korean Hack’ Story Also Debunked”

You all know how I feel about this, my hunch that the end game on this has more to do with being a primer – a branding exercise –  to acclimate the public to the idea we can be hacked by a vilified nation, and less to do with just discrediting North Korea. In the “average person’s” mind (really trying not to use the word “sheeple” here) North Korea is already considered not a threat at best, and a “joke” at worst, so why go to the trouble?  I really hope I am either not right and this was not a primer, or right in that if it was, it will come to nothing. Visualizing a happy and prosperous 2015! – Linda Sky

Oh. Looks like someone else might be going down the same road I went on this. sigh.
False Flagging the World towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood

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kim_jong_un_video_snip_C_1This article describes how the whole “North Korea Hacked Sony” was actually a “false flag”, probably to promote a “let’s attack (at least discredit) North Korea”. Originally found here.

[Note: remember this video…]


‘The Interview’ Flops, FBI ‘North Korean Hack’ Story Also Debunked

Last week, we called it a ‘false flag’ hack, and this week we find out that’s exactly what it was.

Official FBI claims that North Korea was behind the ‘Sony hack’ were debunked today by two leading cyber security firms. More on that later, but first, let’s look at the failure of film itself…

To anyone in media or politics who said this week that it was our “patriotic duty as Americans” to go and see this movie, I hereby banish you to the outer realm of the consensus reality Bardo (in other words, you should be working for the North Korean government, not ruining…

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