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Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned

Just got back from hearing Kerry Cassidy & Sean David Morton at their Conscious Life Expo one-day event. This article is interesting considering one of the things that was disclosed was that, according to sources, the Veteran’s Today crew, namely Gordon Duff, … Continue reading

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Georgia Guide Stones ’2014′ Update, David Wilcock Comments

Update. David Wilcock claims he has de-coded the Georgia guidestones cube, and an article is forthcoming. Will keep a lookout for that. For some reason this whole thing feels like a distraction to me. It will be interesting to see … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford 9-29-14… “BIS wishes to keep global central banking system intact after revolution”

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:
BIS wishes to keep global central banking system intact after revolution Posted by benjamin, September 29, 2014 The Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, is angling to keep its central role in world…

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The Destruction of the Coded 20-14 Georgia Guidestone Block

Hmmm! The original article is here:

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Calls for Revote in Scotland Vote Fraud Case – #NewWorldNextWeek

Published on Sep 25, 2014 Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: Scottish Referendum … Continue reading

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California SUPERVOLCANO Earthquake Swarm — Mono Lake / Mammoth Mountain

Published on Sep 25, 2014 by Dutchsinse A noteworthy earthquake swarm began a few hours ago ( late afternoon September 25 2014 ) at the base of Mammoth Mountain, located on the flank of the Mono Lake California supervolcano caldera. … Continue reading

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‘ISIS is CIA false flag op, pretext for war inside Syria & Iraq’

Well, all of us who are paying attention know this already, but it is great to see it show up on RT. Cause for hope that a shift in public opinion could once again allow us to avoid a prolonged … Continue reading

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