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This Saturday: Be Part of the ’144,000 Open Hearts Concert’ Global Livestream – Help Raise the Planet’s Consciousness

The 144,000 Open Hearts Concert is a unique, higher-frequency light and sound event inspired by the concept of bringing together a global audience of 144,000 people to enjoy a special music concert performance while helping to raise the planet’s consciousness … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies April 28 -May 4, 2014

THE NEW MOON that begins this week is also a Solar Eclipse, magnifying its potential for inspiring and urging us to make a new start in some area of our lives.Although this is an eclipse, which can intensify our emotions … Continue reading

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Know Where Your Food Comes From

UPDATE: It turns out these numbers are where a product is registered, not necessarily made. The image should say “Registered in India”, not “Made in India” etc. Too bad, but I suppose you can still use this as a general guide…LINK … Continue reading

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I Wish I Knew This When I ‘Woke Up’


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Bundy Ranch Standoff Being Used to Pit Left and Right Against Each Other While The Cabal Laughs It’s Way to the Bank

UPDATE: Due to Cliven Bundy’s racist remarks Wednesday April 23, I now concur that he is a total idiot. Not only have I truly lost ALL respect for him, the idiot has played right into their hands. Score one, no, … Continue reading

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The Master Shift Global Meditation – Narrated by Julian Lennon 4-22-14

Welcome to The Master Shift’s Meditation narrated by songwriter/ musician/photographer/philant­hropist JULIAN LENNON…LINK

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The Astrology of May 2014 – Balance and Stability Ahead – by Carl Boudreau

I explain my reasons for being optimistic about the near future and defend my rights to be optimistic. It’s not really a question of “being optimistic” or “looking on the bright side” though. It’s about seeing what’s there in the charts.…LINK … Continue reading

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