SOLAR NEWS 9-27-12: Multipart Event on Back Side of Sun

A nice multipart event on the back of the sun. A flare, CME and SEP. Around 10:45 UT, 9/27/12, an eruption occurred on the backside…LINK

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2 Responses to SOLAR NEWS 9-27-12: Multipart Event on Back Side of Sun

  1. Dane says:

    Great site with loads of data. Hope you might decide to cover the “geoengineering/chemtrail issue. Our site is “” and you can find much info on the subject there. Let us know if we can be of any further help regarding information in this issue.


  2. lindarmsky says:

    Hi Dane, thanks for your response! I have covered this issue actually, it’s under “conspiracies”, which I just moved to a more visible place in the main header. I apologize that some of the information gets buried, my site is huge and fairly cumbersome. I’ve come across your site before, great site as well. What I REALLY wish I could find is a place where folks could upload pictures of chemtrails on a daily basis to show where they are happening LIVE, minute-by-minute, like on a big map. That kind of programming is beyond me but I think it would be really useful and encourage folks to network and become more aware of the extent of what is happening. Let me know if you know of anything like that – maybe you already have it on your site and I missed it! Or maybe it just simply needs to be a FB page… anyway food for thought.
    thanks, Linda Sky–atmospheric-bioengineering.html
    ps I am waiting for the day that Chemtrails become more of a mainstream issue, so I can move it out of “conspiracies”! I think that day is fast approaching…


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